Barrels 4 Bucks

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Barrels 4 Bucks:

To pre-enter and reserve stalls & RV,

OUR 2021 DATES ARE:  MAY 29/30/31     SEPTEMBER 4/5/6 WITH A SLOT RACE      SEPTEMBER 25/26         OCTOBER 23/24

Thank you to all of our Sponsors: Bank of Colorado, Star View Farms, Sherry Keinath, Shannon Smith & Gayla Shaefer for donating the cool custom tumblers.

Thank you to all of the people that helped set barrels and run the gate. 

Thank you to the staff at the Montrose Event Center for the great ground and everything else that goes along with putting on an event like ours.  They were great to work with.

We had a great Memorial Day Weekend in Montrose CO in the beautiful Montrose Event Center

A new pattern was set so we had to start over on the Arena Record.  Our new arena record holder is Ronnie Will on Snazzy Image with a time of 15.541

Jeni Lorimor on Miss Guy Dashin won the Race on Saturday with a time of 15.720  

Lana Rae Sulkey on I See Somethinfamous won on Sunday with a time of 15.731

Ronnie Will on Snazzy Image won on Monday and set the new arena record with a time of 15.541

It will be such fun in a couple of weeks to see what happens with the times at the Run at the Rose Futurity and the next week when the Colorado Classic comes to Montrose!  Hope to see you all there.



When your day seems out of balance, when so many things go wrong. When people fight around you and the day drags on so long........When parents act like children and in-laws make you think of divorce.  Go out into your pasture and wrap your arms around your horse. Their gentle breath enfolds you and they watch with big bright eyes. They may not have a PhD., but still.. ther're oh, so wise!!!  Their head rests upon your shoulder. you embrace them so tight. They put your world in balance and make it seem so right. Your tears will soon stop flowing.  The tension is now eased.  The garbage has been lifted and your quiet and at peace.  So when you need the balance from circumstances in your day...The best therapy that you could ask for, is out there eating hay!!!!

                                                             By:  Cheyenne West


Pictured below is Charlotte on Sensational Lela "Lela"

Here’s to sound horses and fast times!!!!

Be sure to check out the results from past years

You can contact me, Lana Sulkey with any questions by e-mailing at the address above or calling 970-216-0072

or Sally Soltvedt at 970-210-6712 or her e-mail below